July 29, 2011
9 years, 9 months and 9 days since
our celebration.
August 13, 2011

Dear Family,

The 2011 Family Reunion is a thing of the past and your LA Reunion Committee hopes that everyone had a great time.

We know that you were able to take great pictures, as well. We saw you taking them!  Our website has been updated with a new “Photo Page.” We are inviting all who took photos to share by posting them on the website for all of us to see and have wonderful memories of the events. It’s also important for those who wanted to attend but could not.
Our official photographer was cousin J. B. Elzy, and our official videographer was cousin Bernard Hinson….just can’t wait to see what they chronicled.  We all are anxiously awaiting your photos too.

Please take this opportunity to post them on our website soon, so we can all can relive the experience and save for future reference.

Sincerely, The Willis/McTyeire 2011 Family Reunion Committee

In the left menu, click the "2011 Reunion Photos" to upload all your reunion photos and view the ones posted.

Also, go to the "Guest Book" and tell us what you think. 
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