Frequently Asked Questions

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1. What does the $10 per household per month fee pay for?
The fee is for "up-front" costs for deposits on varous venues for our activities and group transportation to those activities.
2. Is there a difference between the monthly family fee and the reunion registration fee?
Yes. The monthly fee is for “up-front” costs and the reunion registration fee is for the balance of those costs for our planned activities. The reunion registration fee will be announced later, and will be based on the results of the survey regarding the adventures the family wants to attend.
3. How do I pay the $10 per household fee monthly fee?
From now until July 20, 2011, you can deposit your funds directly to the account at your local Chase Bank. The Account # is:  866553258; or you can mail your check to:
Willis/McTyeire 2011 Reunion Committee
P.O. Box 91421
Los Angeles, CA 90009-1421

4. Do I have to be a family member to attend this reunion?
No. However, you must pay the reunion registration fee.
5. Who do I contact if I want to help with reunion planning or have a fantastic idea for the event?
Call your co-chairs Saundra Willis at 323-752-9113 or Phillip Downing at 323-299-4296.
6. How can I add to, update or correct the family tree?
Go to the "Our Family" page on the menu to enter your changes or email your changes to Stephanie Woods Samuels at or our webmaster Kingsley Willis at
7. If I attend the reunion for less than 4 days, do I still have to pay the full registration fee?
8. What is the weather like in Los Angeles during that time of the year?
The major areas that we will be in are near the ocean. The daily highs are mid 70s to mid 80s. Nightly lows are in the low 60s to low 70s. Temperatures usually drop 10 degrees after sundown.
9. Should we bring formal attire?
No. One "dressy" outfit may be needed, but nothing "formal."
10. What accommodations are in the hotel rooms?
The rooms at the Embassy Suites LAX/South have two queen-sized beds, a pull-out sofa bed, and a kitchenette with a small refrigerator.
11. How do I add or update my email address to receive reunion notices and updates?
Click on the link "Our Family", fill out the form and submit. Your contact information will be added to our master mailing list and you will receive notices and updates from this secure website as they occur.